July 14th 2017

In two weeks I will be about to toast my second son at his rehearsal dinner. I picture water churning over eddies, rocks, waves and hear the sound resonate. Bubbles catch rainbows and burst. How much of Nature is beyond our deepest understanding—exactly HOW CAN WE express the miraculous beauty or draw it inside ourselves? […]

June 13th 2017

Seems to me that we are now living in a world where the business of $ accounting is more important than the accountability of our compassion. What reflection will mere “accounting” rather than “accountability” have when it comes time for people who run businesses to knock on the pearly gates? Or, god forbid, to walk […]

March 15th 2017

Writing into this black-holed Blogosphere often feels like shooting in the dark. It revives the sense of—how-did-so-many-years-pass-by-already? I am incapable of fully realizing just how much tempus has fugitted! I look beyond the lilac leaves that have turned brown in the frigid air, watching wind blow rivulets across the snowfield. A good news miracle: I […]

February 23rd 2017

Feeling grateful for the renewal of orders for Starboard at Midnight from Branson and Pigeon Forge Titanic museums and especially lucky to have the ability to fulfill them myself. But if anyone reading this might know of a publisher who would like to fold Starboard at Midnight under his/her wing; I would jump the moon […]

January 23rd 2017

We MARCH on with heads high and signs to speak what is on our minds. Will RIGHT prevail along with HOPE? Starboard at Midnight is not in a lifeboat. Darwin Press is sinking. I haven’t put forth a crew or even a prayer. I have attended to Ed every day and I have no idea […]

December 9th 2016

Rabbit’s Foot is about Ted Green, a bright eleven year old only child whose life story is based upon one of my dyslexic students. Ted struggles with reading aloud because he believes he needs to guard what is left of his family–and impossible task when he’s off at school, even just a few blocks away from […]

September 23rd 2016

Fredrik Backman’s book, A Man Called Ove, is funny! But beyond amusing, Backman expresses emotions in ways that are unique, inventive, rare, raw and piercing. The depth of his savvy impresses me as I read, having tried so many times to express the utter misery I experienced when everything I put into Starboard at Midnight […]