May 8th 2016

The Word That Means Too Much by lynn sanford There is a strange word in this world: everywhere on earth people pivot upon it— a lover in the throes of passion; a man on the street who has lost his hat and it’s so cold his teeth clatter as he crinkles a small bill in […]

March 30th 2016

Visiting Washington GA with our friends BJ and Bill DeGolian, along with Chris and Robbie Robinson and Wendy and David Kixmiller, was blissful. BJ and Bill wined and dined and shared with us the wonderful and care FULL way that their plantation, Peacewood, has been revivified with heart and soul. BJ and Bill have created […]

March 26th 2016

In a few hours my first born son is getting married to a sweet beautiful southern girl from a lively close knit family in Georgia that I’ve just begun to get to know. This wedding epitomizes a melting pot — northern boy and northern family merging with the southerners; Jewish friends, Christian friends, elderly and […]

March 12th 2016

Having a writing project is bliss. I’m wrapping up Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot for better, or should I say worse? Who ever knows what path a rabbit will choose. Or how many more bunny trails might need forging before he knows how to get through the woods. Does RF have a chance to be […]

February 17th 2016

Fascination. Is there a better way to find contentment? Well, I am sure you can think of several, but it’s more than a good start. It’s the seed that grows the tree. There are so many ways that imbalances–chemical or otherwise–can tip one’s outlook. If, by chance, we can see the sky the way we […]