December 9th 2018

Michael Pollan’s new book, How to Change Your Mind, is exciting. What could be more important—-other than achieving everlasting peace, prosperity for all, and saving the Earth—-than discovering whether consciousness is intrinsic or extrinsic to functioning of the mind? We have much to unlock and learn. Three times in the last three weeks losses have […]

November 26th 2018

Holding hands with my three month old grand daughter was the best part of Thanksgiving this year. As a whole, the occasion was superlative! My sister was whirling “never enough” 🎼 woman—-cleaning four horse stalls, shopping and cooking for a dozen people two nights in a row, caring for six dogs . . . Easy […]

November 2nd 2018

Why did I just send a five page letter to Anne Lamott, explaining how my copyright for SAM was worthless as though it happened yesterday, crying on the shoulder of a perfect stranger at my invented confessional window? I conjured her empathy! I pictured her calling a friend to save me. Not really. I didn’t […]

September 17th 2018

A legend must have a high degree of verisimilitude (good old word from college days) with active and passive participants who overcome obstacles operating within the realm of the miraculous and the uncertain—a folktale historically grounded. Hmm. well, that’s my legend of the rabbit’s foot–only 122 pages, episodic, within a narrative mode that teeters between […]

September 4th 2018

. . . Oh the miraculous! A baby girl, our first grand child, is three weeks old already. From afar, I watch her expressions become more animated. How fast childhood comes and goes! I imagine her walking down a school, or wedding aisle with all eyes on her, hoping I’ll be there to see the […]

August 21, 2018

Almost a week ago in Georgia, my first grandchild, Sully Howell Sanford, was born. Seeing and holding her felt—what’s a compelling word?—transcendent. She’s come earlier than we thought she would. Joy does that. It arrives when you least expect it; along with the prayers you hear yourself whisper when you see hope and light emerge from stardust […]

June 18th 2018

Thoughts while listening to NPR this morning: The psychologist spoke of duality: He had often wondered why one minute he thought himself superior, and the next he wondered just how he’d be able to get up from the bottom of the barrel. Certainly, this must start with the measure we are forced to take of […]