December 9th 2016

Rabbit’s Foot is about Ted Green, a bright eleven year old only child whose life story is based upon one of my dyslexic students. Ted struggles with reading aloud because he believes he needs to guard what is left of his family–and impossible task when he’s off at school, even just a few blocks away from home. Since his father died and his mother refuses to tell him about how it happened, Ted believes that something mysterious might take her away too. When she goes to Scotland, her sister comes to care for Ted, bringing magic in the form of trust and improved communication. She gives him a book to read called “The Moon Hunt”–a tale of witches, rabbits, Scottish folklore and history that helps him through tough times by providing an escape from his fear, and by renewing his sense of intrigue as he interacts with friends and tries to save rabbits from their terrible fate of being used for good luck charms.  Ted travels to Scotland where history comes alive: He sees and hears what he believes are ghosts. He continues to read the book and his world opens up. His own true nature is revealed to him–reflected in discovery, forgiveness, and love.