March 12th 2016

Having a writing project is bliss. I’m wrapping up Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot for better, or should I say worse? Who ever knows what path a rabbit will choose. Or how many more bunny trails might need forging before he knows how to get through the woods. Does RF have a chance to be known? I couldn’t guess. But if I did guess I’d say it’s mighty doubtful. I always just enjoy the writing part best.
I’m going to Georgia soon to see my son Laddie get married to the sweet girl he loves. What is better than a wedding? Admittedly, there is a sense of time passing—it’s a freight train rolling through. I feel regrets to have ever missed a chance to have been by Lad’s side. We are banding together—going down to laugh and cheer and hold their hands and show them just how much we LOVE them!