February 17th 2016

Fascination. Is there a better way to find contentment? Well, I am sure you can think of several, but it’s more than a good start. It’s the seed that grows the tree. There are so many ways that imbalances–chemical or otherwise–can tip one’s outlook. If, by chance, we can see the sky the way we did when we were young–because it’s a pain free day, or a new way of realizing the overall miraculous–then we remember why everything around us is more than just a little bit wonderful.
Yesterday, I started to get to know the woman who lives next door here in central FL where I am spending two months, recovering, renewing, rewriting. Our conversation lifted me back to that view of the sky. Thank you Serita Winthrop. Your are an example of generosity and energy directed to help and listen and fascinate on a tree-lined two-way street! I am so happy to be Serita’s neighbor for a while. Having one conversation with someone who clicks with you is a great way to find a sense of well-being!