July 26th 2015

On a personal note, it sometimes takes a trauma/drama to awaken renewal. Although we are aware of how fast and furious life becomes, we tend to be unable to really see and hear the music; until, one day, we wake up hooked up to machines, feeling we’ve lost all freedom and viability even as we listen to others’ in rooms next door with miseries much worse than ours. Then something happens. The intoxicating detox. The slowing down. The ability to watch a butterfly or hummingbird bee or a cloud and be fascinated for much longer, and in much greater depth, than before. My surgery went well. The nurses at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital were paragons to me of people who are so good at what they do. So dedicated: Loretta, Sandy, Judith, THANK YOU. I want to be that adept when I grow up. This was an experience, that I’d NEVER want to repeat, but through which I was uplifted and renewed. My friends! WOW. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful family of friends.