July 4th 2015

Dear Reader thanks for being here with me. It’s waiting time for surgery, which I might have been better to have faced earlier. Anticipation is no fun. Distraction is the key! Like distraction from terrible anniversaries or falling-outs that we hope are really just misunderstandings. So, along with praise for Elephant Company, my blog is quickly becoming a book recommendation site: David McCullough’s consummate presentation of The Wright Brothers has left me in tears. Well, that might not be hard to elicit from a sap like me, but I have to tell you like it is, in all humility. I listened to McCullough read this work, and the experience was beyond-the-pale by way of McCullough’s mastery. He is one of, if not THE greatest biographer alive. In my view, this is because he keeps himself so far out of the picture. He is the messenger whose impeccable research brings the people he describes to life by immersion in every detail, characteristic, reaction, passion, petty annoyance or fascinating commentary. His timing is brilliant. His narrative skill is subtle and rich in tone and delivery. We are so lucky to have the chance to enjoy McCullough’s genius. He brings the phenomenal patience and perseverance of Orville and Wilbur (against long odds of achieving their incredible contribution) to life with unparalleled due diligence and dignity. Another 5***** star WOW!