June 23rd 2015

Hello my reader whoever you are. And thanks for you! Today, a sultry, later promising to be stormy, graduation day, is the day about which Mark Nepo, in his wonderful Book of Awakening, wrote that we must choose between fame and peace. He starts with a quote from Fernando Pessoa: “Rather the flying bird, leaving no trace, than the going beast, marking the earth.” Lately, I’ve thought a lot about this dichotomy in regard to every aspect of life. When it came to Starboard at Midnight, I sought notoriety for the book. I was willing to speak (a terrifying task), or travel to the midwest (fear of flying), or beg for a distributor (impossible)—ANYTHING so that my grandfather would become known as a man who made a difference. Fame would bring me not peace, but piece of mind that I had done everything I could do for him. Then along came a spider. His reputation was stolen, scorched, misrepresented across America in the other publisher’s shameful disregard. “What did I expect?” someone asked me. (Ouch) Apparently, there would be no chance for Karl to be known as the man he was with me as his messenger. I fought and begged and prayed for help. But all that was left for me to do was just to go on. I have relearned a lesson that although we are taught winning matters and believe that getting attention will lead to triumph; if, in the long run, we cannot achieve these heights, we can only trundle on across the street to give someone else the boost we craved and celebrate their grand success: All HAIL to Vicki Constantine Croke who devoted herself to representing the life of Billy Williams, aka Howard James Williams, in her TRIUMPHANT MASTERPIECE: Elephant Company. If you’ve missed it, I whole heartedly send along the recommendation to you. It will fill you with AWE.