March 8th 2015

Dear Reader, How invisible time disappears! Three years have passed since Starboard at Midnight swam in the sea of Centennial books. I am forever grateful for the attention it received: Local press coverage, wonderful reviews and articles. It seems appropriate to take stock of the flurry; since I am unable to return to the midwest this year due to a health issue. While the moon was still bright in early daylight savings this morning, I jostled my memory of speaking and signing events @ SAM and a few that preceded its publishing:

-3 or more classes at Princeton Day School
-Lawrenceville Sports arena–@ Karl Behr’s induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame
-The Hun School in the gymnasium @ the Titanic Centennial
-Newport Tennis Hall of Fame with Quincy Williams and his daughter, Lydia
-The Princeton NJ Public Library
-The East Hampton NY Public Library
-With Quincy Williams at his retirement home in Waverly PA.
-2 times as a guest speaker at the Nassau Club, Princeton
-Elizabeth Sword’s
-Lucy Joye’s book club
-Staley Sednaoui’s book club
-Sharon Lorenzo’s Bryn Mawr gathering
-The Maidstone Club, East Hampton
-Newport, RI, to The Tennis Collectors of America
-Roger Sherman Inn, New Canaan, CT (briefly)
-The Women’s Club of Lawrenceville (most recently)

-New Canaan Elm Street Book Store
-2 times at Pigeon Forge TN Titanic Museum 2012 and (sold out my inventory in 2014, which I was told was a “first”)
-Branson, MO Titanic Museum, 2013
-The River Club, NYC signing
-2 times at Newport, RI Tennis Hall of Fame.

Books were donated to charity in New Canaan Ct.
Books were sold at Book Hampton in East Hampton and Southampton, NY and at Labyrinth Book Store in Princeton NJ

THANK YOU one and all (many mentioned by name in earlier blogs on this site) for your wonderful notes and emails.