November 1st 2014

Rabbit rabbit rabbit. Light and time have changed over night. Wind rushes ocean-wild over Fern Hill. The sound ruffles inner feathers that associate the roar with dread rather than promise. I remind myself to change the outlook!
Of course it is the story behind the story that matters most. Must get in there, under the stage, rummage around with the dust bunnies to find MAGIC. To make the magic.
Hats off to my friend Kate Denby. We went to Sarah Lawrence this summer together for a conference and since that time I have read and loved her manuscript, “A Week of My Own.” Reading it is like eating dessert and never tiring of the flavor; just wanting more and more!
And today learning about Charles D’Ambrosio whose writing career has come from doing just the thing: writing the story behind the story. Wonderful.
And talking recently with Gary Lipppincott who has done some beautiful work for my “Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot,” which I must fluff up to meet his amazing talent. I am so grateful to him for his energy and his enthusiasm.
And I look forward to meeting the ladies who might come to The Women’s Club of Lawrenceville talk at Peg Tattersoll’s on November 19th — to think and talk about Starboard at Midnight once again!