October 7th 2014

David Mulchinock passed away in his sleep. He almost died two years ago after months of suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome; so naturally we assumed he’d be with us forever. You know when there is a person in your life who is as close to a “saint” as anyone could possibly be? He was that for us. I told him I could see the wings on his back and he always laughed. I could never thank him enough. At least, at this moment, I try to rest assured that he knew how much I loved and appreciated his guidance—when I bought Fern Hill farm 32 years ago and wasn’t sure how to move forward; when my father died and appointed me executor. David’s way of listening was so keen that I hardly had to explain a thing. He already knew. He’d give me a solution that was simple, exact, neat and expendient. Just what was needed. Somehow all was right with the world while Dave was in it. A kinder, more generous, less self-serving or self-important lawyer never existed before him, and I dare say: never will again. God has reclaimed one of his finest Earth angels. Dave was One with our family. “A bright light has been extinguished,” my sister, Sue said yesterday. Rest in peace dearest man. Thank you thank you thank you.