June 6th 2014

Emotions set out a natural path to move forward along by also looking back to see the wind and twist, knowing that more stones will be set down; more days of working or walking, stuggling or dreaming will be filled with inward climbs and wonders. Ever since the last endless winter, don’t we feel stunned—as though we are living inside some giant blue-green miracle? We notice the way weeds camouflage themselves to mimic the plant they have planted themselves next to! Breathtaking scenes are everywhere. So this IS the purpose of Winter: After all, appreciation. This is also true for me—now that Starboard at Midnight is in its small orbit; because, from time to time, people like Irene Shaw say the most heartwarming things to me about it. And Daryl English, who read blogs on this site and wrote to me that she was “dismayed to hear about your ordeal in defending your grandfather’s reputation against such crass exploitation and distortions.” Perfect words. This morning I appreciate these emotional responses that are part of my path and seem to me to be part of the “plan” to bring life back where ever, when ever and how ever it can be celebrated. Nature is patient and slow; instantaneous, communicative and magical.