May 3rd, 2014

I’ve been working on my new YA book, “The Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot.” It’s limping and hopping; complicated yet simple. I need for it to lure the curious; become a bit softer, more intriguing and adorable. Hm. I try to keep going!

Sometimes the act of writing is enough. Don’t you think? Listening for the beat of a muse’s music. Following the lead of an idea.

You, dear reader, probably have the kind of calendar day that tomorrow, May 4th, is for me. It marks the birthday of a beloved friend who passed away in my arms many years ago. We always talked on her birthday. Her voice is still alive in my mind. The way she felt so strongly about things—her convictions were made of cast iron. She suffered terribly; but she was strong. She was deeply hurt; yet she believed in God. I miss her so much. Happy Birthday Wendy.