January 1st 2014

Adjudicable Law should be assured to ban the misuse and bogus presentation of any person whose reputation has not yet been made public. There is no argument for parody without comparison between formed opinion and commentary upon that opinion. Dear reader, as you can see, I am still unable to recover from the plagiarized falsification of my story about the lives of Helen and Karl. How could I have anticipated that such a terrible thing would happen to them by way of my having written the paean, Starboard at Midnight?

By now, many of us know the tremendous speed with which time passes. How can we seize the moment and preserve the status quo at once? It is best to plunge tenderly. I wonder how many of us feel, like I do, that our connections to the internet have become less fulfilling than we hoped and anticipated. The instantaneous communications are enjoyable — somewhat like fishing — ever hopeful, addictive, dreamy, mostly about the quest. I have sent many queries into cyber space, thinking that I would hear something back in my desperation to keep Helen and Karl’s legacy alive. As time speeds forward and means for connectivity increase, the results seem more and more insubstantial.