November 23rd 2013

My grandfather rested in peace. Through research (all his important letters were gone) I brought him back to life. But I should have left him in peace. My sister said: “What did you expect?” New Chapter Press called their abominable version of him “the real life story.” They plagiarized creative adapations from my book and spread foul use of Karl across America. How did they know about him? Their sources are written in their book — with my name misspelled.

Who fought alongside me to protect his reputation? And who shrugged it off as if it didn’t matter? Allegiance speaks volumes. I have secured a copyright for Karl’s memoir. Anyone who copies it must, according to law, receive permission. I will do what ever I can as his protector. I have not taken, nor will ever take a dime. And those who wish to use him for their gain: Take notice.