September 9th 2013

Heaven is having a letter arrive from Leita Hamill from Lawrenceville. I am euphoric. She understood the theme of Starboard at Midnight, and appreciated nuances of its design. Her praise lifts me up. Time has gone by since SAM was published. Therefore I have a sense that the work is “out there somewhere” but I don’t know (doubt creeps in alongside dust on the shelf) if the book could ever inspire requisite interest and/or popularity to carry it forward. My hope was/is that it become a teaching tool. I worked to incorporate some of the kaleidoscopic parameters of English literature for discussion on multiple levels. Also, to raise awareness about the Hobson’s choice between any government’s ability to protect the rights of personal freedom and privacy while attempting to protect its citizens against foreign aggression. If, indeed, protection might insure that the innocence of pure spirit could triumph and endure.