July 15th 2013

Listening to a tape about motivation and career building, I heard the thought that one of the most important incentives for success has been not to disappoint or let down the people who are involved in your endeavor. This was the reason I was most upset last year when I attempted to tell anyone who cared how much it hurt to have the work I did usurped and used in a terrible way. Karl and Helen were unknown. Then suddenly they were senstionalized (as was the case previously) for the sake of money making. How I must have let them down by ever writing about them at all was on my mind constantly since I could not get SAM out infront or side by side with TTTS. And what had I to learn? Just to keep trying, which is what I have done. Thank you to everyone who has come forward to tell me they loved my book. I am ever grateful. It means so much to me to not have let Karl and Helen down. Their legacy has always been foremost in my mind.