March 20, 2013

Like flocks of robins here in Hopewell NJ, flocks of Spring breakers filled the Titanic museum in Branson, MO. over the past two days during Author’s week. The new exhibit for Karl and Helen was such an exciting tribute for me to see and to sit nearby signing my books! I was (thus they were) so wonderfully honored by Mary Kellogg and all of the crew, who are an extended family: Danita Brown, Mark Brumley, Lois Warner, Kim Carlson, Crystel Hopkins, and many many more. It was an extra special treat to meet and find so much in common with Helen Benziger, “Molly” Brown’s granddaughter. Together, a hundred years ago, our grandparents were busily rewarding Captain Rostron as co-members of the survival committee aboard the Carpathia. The Branson museum preceded Pigeon Forge, and it is every bit as impressive and emotional—keeping memories alive by continuing to renew and rebuild stories of the people surrounding the infamous, tragic and in many ways still hauntingly beautiful Titanic.