February 26 2013

My grandfather, Karl Behr, wrote in his memoir that it was the great people who made all the difference to him in the tennis world. Although his emphasis from day to day would have been on playing the game; in the long run, he loved playing because he loved the people. This has been a similar joy for me as I continue to feel support in association with so many wonderful people through my book about him. Lately, just to mention a few: Nina Wainwright, Tom and Ann Maxey, Tanice Fitzpatrick, Melanie Clark, John Denny, Lucy Joye, Betty Miller, Megan Goheen, Jim Plastine and Ed Breisacher.
A hundred years ago, Karl had a few short weeks to go before marrying Helen in NYC attended by his eleven ushers. By this time, the Titanic tragedy must have been rumbling from somewhere deep down inside of him.