November 15th 2012

Last night’s event for Wheaton College alum and others, organized (with thanks!) by Marty Akers was—due to wonderful people working at the Nassau Club—accommodating and heartwarming on an early dark night. As if in the wake of a great doomed ship—Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath still running through veins and streets; the devastating loss of our Champion of Life, Bill Sword; results of the recent election, however good and bad; the sad entangled resignation due to the private love life of a crucial public figure; the looming fiscal cliff only weeks away—it was amazing for me to look over a sea of diverse and dignified people who, nevertheless, were interested enough in the subject of Titanic and in what I might have to say about my personal relationship to it. Humbled, I took a deep breath and a sip of water, hoping I might honor and keep their attention for a while.