November 2nd 2012

After Hurricane Sandy, the heartbreaking loss of our adored friend, neighbor, and kindest gentle-man, Bill Sword, spurs us to consider acceptance. Faith in blind faith. Faith in the all-and-nothing that fate contains and then opens to endless speculation. Bill’s belief in God was nearly palpable, and his almost-departure ten years ago allowed us a decade to absorb his sincerity. We were all beyond lucky—blessed—in that extra time we had to enjoy him. He was one of a kind.

On a different note, I received a wonderful email from my friend Annie Fulper. I was over the moon when she mentioned her positive reaction to Starboard at Midnight, saying I had been brave to tackle the “existential quandary” therein and “Brechtian” were the words she used. —Thank you Annie for such an in-depth read!