October 13th 2012

At the six month mark from the Centennial commemoration landscape,  empathy is on my mind more powerfully than ever. Lois Lowry’s new book, Son, is featured on the front page of the N.Y. Times book review. (Dream!) After traversing Lois’s endearing website, I sent an email to her, (which did not seem to go through.) Robin Wasserman’s review brings to light the compelling life sources lost in a Lowry dystopia. The idea that many of us search for a missing piece of ourselves. In Robin’s words: “A powerful theme runs through [Lois’s] quartet. Empathy claims center stage. To be able to imagine, or even experience, the inner life of another: In Lowry’s world, this is the ultimate redemptive force, the gift that makes us human. In our world, it’s the gift [her] book — and very book — offers us.”