July 16th, 2012

At the Campbell Tournament in Newport RI, July 12th-14th, the crowd was an inspiring support for the great game of tennis. The Newport Tennis Hall of Fame, with its beautifully perserved grounds, bolsters both history and understanding of the dedication it takes to pursue a sport that demands a constant infusion of energy and stamina. John Isner and Ryan Harrison, among others, drew crowds of kids clutching every size and color tennis ball to wait in the scorching sun for autographs.

I was honored to be in the midst of all that devotion. Many people engaged me in conversation. Some who had read Starboard at Midnight were full of praise. Happy to see my pile of books dwindle, I felt honored to make a small contribution to the scene, to the game, and to my grandfather’s legacy.

I took the opportunity to meet Lindsay Gibbs and I was left feeling perplexed.

Angela Moore invited me to sign books at her jewelry and clothing store, which was mobbed by shoppers after a fashion show. What a smart, personable lady! She sure knows how draw people –with generosity– to her vibrant business!