May 31, 2012

Last week, another great experience: John Maxtone Graham spoke at the Colony Club in NYC where Edie Blair invited me again to join her, and treated me to a delicious dinner. Saying “Thank you” to Edie always seems so inadequate! John Maxtone Graham is a fine raconteur. It seemed he was ship-born (as though he might have survived from the Titanic, himself!) as he led us along to navigate the companionway, following his trail of anecdotes and evocative stories. I only wish he had correctly entered details about Karl Behr in his new book Titanic Tragedy where he miswrote that Karl brought a revolver aboard the lifeboat. The gun belonged to Norman Chambers, a fellow Lawrentian, not to Karl.

Plans to add a display for Karl and Helen at the Pigeon Forge Titanic Museum in Tennessee have been discussed! I am thrilled to think that Karl’s life’s contribution will become public knowledge in a place as finely conceived and emotionally compelling as that museum.