May 18th 2012

“There is no frigate like a book.” It’s true. I could never completely fathom the meaning of that famous line, until being at the helm of such a vessel myself—meeting so many people who are appreciative of Starboard at Midnight—feeling invigorated to have the topic at hand, along with high seas and elusive horizons surrounding it.

It was uplifting for me to bring some books and to speak at the Lewis School yesterday. Thank you Donna Muschlitz. There is nothing like the passionate curiosity of students to renew enthusiasm for any subject! 

On the previous day in center city Philadelphia, my interview for New Jersey Perspectives WPVI TV (Channel 6) (airing 5/19) with Nora Muchanic seemed somehow otherworldly. Entering the pitch-black studio without being able to distinguish faces of the cameramen — somewhere between Beckett and Fellini.

Now that I’ve seen it: WOAH. I needed a makeup CREW; there was none. And it was unfortunate; I had been told that viewers were somewhere on my right. Would practice make perfect? Better stick to writing!