May 7th 2012

Heightened awareness gives pause for love. I just have to say that the Pigeon Forge Titanic Museum is a five star *superlative!* One would need to invent new adjectives to describe such an effective flow of experience — the intimacy and magnitude of learning. Mary Kellogg has created a spectacular, vibrant exhibit, along with the help and cooperation of her supporters. I gather that the other museum in Branson Missouri is equally emotional. Interplay between the sincerity of the effort and the people who absorb it make that White Star shine.

My experience was filled with surprises. One young face after another appeared at the edge of my desk, peering up over the book piles to ask a question, to get a picture taken with me, or just to discuss the subject of Titanic some more. One woman, grieving the loss of her son, told me that she had received the Ryerson ticket, a Titanic passenger who had uncannily suffered the same loss before boarding the ship.

Lorene Boatner, General Manager of the Pigeon Forge museum, and Cathy Boiter, Retail Manager were very friendly, along with all the attending ladies and crewmen. Thank you to Lois Warner for receiving my book and orchestrating the invitation for me to sign there. We sold 50 books, a nice round number, each sale was meaningful to me. What a gift. What wonderful support. What a great way to get my grandfather, grandmother and great grandmother impressed a bit more into the Titanic footprint. And help came OUT OF THE BLUE!