April 8th, 2012

One week away. Titanic was still afloat at this time, and it was about to hit the iceberg. Passengers were settling in for the night, expecting it to be like any other. And tonight, Easter Sunday, I was thinking about the minister’s message this morning: about rising up to be present, realizing that having written a book does that. It connects you to people; then I happened to see that there was a message on my phone.

The message was from a long-lost/never-having-been-found cousin, Rick Behr, who is the grandson of Fritz, Karl’s older, wiser, trouble maker brother whom I wrote into my book as Karl’s mentor—the free spirit, the leader, the bad boy—someone Karl looked up to, but felt he could never live up to. The way that I wrote Fritz in, based on things Karl said about him in his memoir, I worried I might have made him into too much of a “character,” because I never knew anyone in his family, or anything much about him.

It turns out that Fritz became an architect, and had a great family. Rick, his grandson, flies hot air balloons in Charlottesville, VA., and sounds like he’d be the best friend you’d ever want in your life. How life rises up to be present when you least expect it to! WOW what a gift.