February 26, 2012

Hearing and reading about a new book that is about to come out, written about my grandparents’ love affair with emphasis on Karl’s tennis career, is forcing me to learn about the dangers of possessiveness. I am shocked and incredulous that someone would already take my story and write it as her own. This is the way of the world? I haven’t read it yet. I spoke to the publisher for over an hour, asking him if the money he might lose by waiting to see if the facts and timbre in her book are correct was more important to him than my grandparents’ reputation. He said it was. He would not delay the book’s debut under any circumstances.

A wonderful facebook friend, a life-saver twice, Bob Sullivan said to me: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” An adage I had long ago forgotten. All I could think was: “Stealing is the worst form of greed.”

My book is not for profit. I will give any money I might make to a charity. Others will seize on the story for personal gain. I am just a vehicle for my grandfather to be known. But how will he be known? As the person he was?

The Universe will decide in time; I will continue to say that mine is the definitive heartfelt story, but so far my book is not widely known. Ed Breisacher, my mentor/publisher at Darwin Press is working to change that. How I hope he can.

Thank you to him and to all of my friends and supporters who are keeping me and Starboard at Midnight afloat. Beth Sanford’s facebook page for the book has arrived at a great time. Thank you Beth!!!