February 19th 2018

Hello my follower! Not a peep from Holiday House for my Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot . . . a very dismal sign, which perfectly complements the weather this winter. We had a gorgeous snow fall yesterday though. And soon it will be time to take a small trip down to FL to listen to […]

January 17th 2018

I sent HH a request to pick up the CD if it is rejected. I hope that isn’t asking too much. It seems a crime to destroy, or toss the work into a land fill. Of course this shows that I am either a practical realist or a defeatist. Meanwhile, I have unearthed this writing […]

January 17th 2018

“Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot,” my second book, was sent to Holiday House in early December. They say that if the author hears nothing in four months he/she can assume there is no interest and will not receive their material back. But is it destroyed? Does it go to a land fill? My baby! I […]

January 8th 2018

Change comes overnight sometimes. But mostly it creeps in like fog on “little cat feet.” At the Golden Globe awards last night Oprah wowed us. She stood outside and firmly within herself to hail the possibilities that a male dominated world might become balanced someday. There were tears flowing from many who listened with hope. […]

December 3rd 2017

The “me too” collective consciousness has been an eye opener. I wonder how many of us “me too-ers” feel the way I do: Was it all SO PREVALENT without my/our knowing? How was I not as alone as I thought I was? The shame, the threat, the obligatory secrecy. The guilt and never-ending questions. The […]

September 14th 2017

Today is a day of understanding that I have, and probably will continue to misinterpret people. When I realize this, I can step back and rethink. Maybe reckoning is the most important aspect of life. Maybe knowing the reasons why a person does or doesn’t do something that is apparently heinous could liberate everyone. Maybe […]

August 16th 2017

Awaiting the arrival of a missing cell phone for three days and nights makes me feel out of place and time. Did I realize how anchoring it was? And now I am even MORE “anchored” to home without it! Certainly one of the biggest differences between my generation and those that followed is having the […]