June 18th 2018

Thoughts while listening to NPR this morning: The psychologist spoke of duality: He had often wondered why one minute he thought himself superior, and the next he wondered just how he’d be able to get up from the bottom of the barrel. Certainly, this must start with the measure we are forced to take of […]

June 5th 2018

Today’s entry in Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo:  “…Friendships, because they are of this world, are made up of times of being in touch and spaces in between. Being human, we sometimes fill these spaces with worry, or we imagine the silence is some form of punishment, or we internalize the time we are […]

May 24th 2018

This—my favorite time of year after having been invigorated from seeing dear friends at a reunion—softens the rough rush of emotion that pummels me when I visit Ed Breisacher whose dementia has become more and more mercurial. How can I help? With empathy I listen and care. But empathy in the presence of brain disorder […]

May 16th 2018

Weeks ago I sent a CD with “Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot” to Watertown MA. Today I found out that it was likely to have been destroyed because a CD is “too dangerous to read.” Instead, an “attachment would be accepted.” So I began again immediately, but was too impatient to reread and edit my […]

March 19th 2018

Ed doesn’t read anymore. He’s been sick for two years and has now lived in the long term Dementia ward for many months. The roller coaster he’s on is not for the faint of heart. Ed’s nurse practitioner, Lamerci, is from Haiti. Thank god she has her green card and won’t be sent away. She’s […]

February 19th 2018

Hello my follower! Not a peep from Holiday House for my Legend of the Rabbit’s Foot . . . a very dismal sign, which perfectly complements the weather this winter. We had a gorgeous snow fall yesterday though. And soon it will be time to take a small trip down to FL to listen to […]

January 17th 2018

I sent HH a request to pick up the CD if it is rejected. I hope that isn’t asking too much. It seems a crime to destroy, or toss the work into a land fill. Of course this shows that I am either a practical realist or a defeatist. Meanwhile, I have unearthed this writing […]