November 5th 2016

A writer’s having sensitivity off the charts is both compelling and catastrophic. One editor “got” my Rabbit Foot story. Her suggestions were well taken and helpful. Another tore the work to shreds, examining every tree out of context to the forest. He didn’t “get” it or like it much. The contrast between the two opinions […]

September 23rd 2016

Fredrik Backman’s book, A Man Called Ove, is funny! But beyond amusing, Backman expresses emotions in ways that are unique, inventive, rare, raw and piercing. The depth of his savvy impresses me as I read, having tried so many times to express the utter misery I experienced when everything I put into Starboard at Midnight […]

September 22nd 2016

Stillness to wait for healing has made two sightings in Hopewell possible: First, sweet, unusual birds came to bathe in the small water pool here at Fern Hill Farm–just a few feet from my window. They resembled a cross between a Bluebird and a Robin. I couldn’t tell from Peterson’s guide what they were. So […]

September 18th 2016

After last night, Trump says, “We gotta get tough folks.” Since when has toughness been an effective deterrent? Even kindness, with a better chance, is not always the answer. How can anyone promise to fix the world when taking revenge by hurting innocent people has always been at the sad, mindless, tragic core of humanity.

August 26th 2016

As per request, I have deleted the past two blogs, although their importance to me might have been considered to have had more weight than their possible impact on a phantom reader. Over sensitivity remains my Achilles heel.    

May 8th 2016

The Word That Means Too Much by lynn sanford There is a strange word in this world: everywhere on earth people pivot upon it– a lover in the throes of passion; a man on the street who has lost his way and his hat and it’s so cold that his teeth clatter as he crinkles […]

March 30th 2016

Visiting Washington GA with our friends BJ and Bill DeGolian, along with Chris and Robbie Robinson and Wendy and David Kixmiller, was blissful. BJ and Bill wined and dined and shared with us the wonderful and care FULL way that their plantation, Peacewood, has been revivified with heart and soul. BJ and Bill have created […]